September 27-29

Floyd, VA

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Dates are locked for the Blue Ridge Stake Out happening September 27th-29th, 2019. Strap your crap and roll on out to Floyd, VA to pitch a tent under the stars with a bunch of like minded folks.




We’re excited to have you join us at Chantilly Farm on September 27-29. 2019 Blue Ridge Stake Out tickets are sold out, so if you don’t have them already, you’ll be waiting until 2020 to join us.


Hit the blog to get all the latest details on the event. Everything from what bands we have coming to the delicious food and drink you’ll be consuming to helpful tips on getting to Floyd, VA can be found here.


Our comprehensive FAQ goes over all the nuts and bolts of the event plus rules, regs, and more. If you don’t see your FAQ on here, hold tight, we will be posting all the “fun” stuff closer to the event.


Riding the Ridge

The Blue Ride Parkway is a true bucket list road. Consisting of 467 unobstructed miles of winding pavement, the Blue Ridge takes you through a part of America rich in beauty, history, and adventure.

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Chantilly Farm

Chantilly Farm is a private venue founded in 2011. Located within minutes of the Blue Ridge Parkway and world famous Crooked Road, it is the perfect location for riders to hang their helmet after a long day riding the ridge.


The Crooked Road

Also known as the Virginia Heritage Music Trail, the Crooked Road winds for some 300 miles through the southwest corner of the state. From the Blue Ridge into deeper Appalachia, the path is a famous route many folk legends such as Johnny Cash and June Carter toured for decades and remains home to some of the rawest and most arresting sounds around.  


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Night Moves

Floyd, VA is largely set apart from major cities and with the new moon you’ll be experiencing during the Blue Ridge Stake Out, the Milky Way galaxy and shooting stars are guaranteed to light up the night sky during your stay with us.

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