Welcome to the Blue Ridge Stake Out

A few years back we had the chance to ride from the Gypsy Run down to the Catalina Wine Mixer and experienced some of the world’s best riding along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never been but imagine hundreds of miles unobstructed from traffic lights, McDonalds, and mini malls. These winding and well kept roads with epic views put the heat on us to create a riding event right in the heart of ridge, Floyd Virginia. Never heard of Floyd? Well it’s a folk music hub rich in history with a deep sense of southern hospitality…you’ll love it.

We’ve rented out quite the venue for your enjoyment so if you like riding motorcycles, camping, and having fun, look no further than the Blue Ridge Stake Out Sept 27-29th. Tickets are LIVE! Click HERE to get get yours and give our official gram a follow and stay tuned @blueridgestakeout

Blue Ridge Stake Out