Parkway North - 222 Miles

If you haven’t been on Blue Ridge Parkway heading north and don’t plan to on your way home, you are truly missing out on the whole point of partying with us in Floyd, VA. Do yourself a favor and spend a say on this road and hit a couple key spots along the way.

Click here to display the map on your desktop or mobile device.

Click here to display the map on your desktop or mobile device.

This out-and-back is 222 miles in total, but it goes pretty quick depending on how many stops you make. The roads are fairly fast and well maintained. If you are traveling with a good group of riding buds, prepare to get some work done on this stretch.

Blue Ridge Parkway LR 018.jpg

Technically, not a waterfall, but this man made spillway is worth a look. Dubbed Otter Creek Falls, it’s a good enough excuse to park the bikes, take your boots off and cool down those dogs. Storing a few frosty beverages in your saddle bags while you hang here for a few minutes wouldn’t be a bad idea.

We like weird geological formations and so did Thomas Jefferson. The only difference between us is that he was rich enough to afford them. Follow the route to the end of the rainbow to check out The Natural Bridge State Park to see an oddity one of our forefathers spent a pot of gold on.

Mike Ellis